At Beasty Bikes the work we do is guaranteed to give the customer good value for money using the best quality products.  Any work undertaken where parts are supplied by the customer cannot be guaranteed.   This is because we only use products we recommend. 

How to get the best out of your Motorcycle – Value for Money 

 Motorcycles are machines, they need regular maintenance and servicing to keep them in tip top condition.  This is why at Beasty Bikes we only use Good Quality products when we work on your motorcycle because we understand your desire to be riding your bike. During the current economic downturn we have sadly seen evidence of the quality of products go down to the extent in which we have had to throw away £100s worth of inferior products due to poor quality.  Over the past few years we have tried and tested various products such as replacement drive chains, fork seals, bearings (the list is endless) through the training school and of course on our own motorcycles and have discovered that – the cheapest isn’t always the best value for money.  When we re-built our ER5 motorcycles ready for the trip to southern Portugal, we ensured we used the best quality products money could buy and as a result 6,000 miles later both bikes are still going strong we do not need to replace anything expensive.  Also bear in mind before we did the trip the bikes did have over 50,000 miles on the clocks as well, so with a little investment into good quality products we were able to keep both bikes going strong for the long haul and of course when we returned.  The following tips provided has been written using actual case studies and experience of actual events which have taken place.    

The following tips should help to provide you with enough information to ensure you continue to enjoy motorcycling and how to get best value for money, be aware of false economy. 

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