Faro 2011 Part 1 – Touring on Kawasaki ER5’s. 
 The Kawasaki ER5 motorcycle is a 500cc twin, a popular learner bike and a great commuter so who in their right mind would buy 2 wrecks for £300 and ride them 2000 miles around Europe to attend the annual Faro motorcycle event?  We are both highly experienced motorcyclist who love to tour and have always used big bikes over 750cc to do the job, but this time we wanted to do it with a difference as money was tight and we could not afford to buy 2 big touring bikes (taking 1 bike and riding pillion was not an option as we both love to ride and that is what we wanted to do).  When we were telling people about what we were doing there was mixed reactions and to be honest if anyone would have suggested I ride a ER5 to Faro my reaction would not be very pleased after all I am a big bike lover I love to tour UK and Europe on a nice comfy big bike.  After coming up with the idea of building up 2 wrecks and riding them to Faro for the rally I must admit I warmed to the idea and it them became a challenge for us both to prepare the bikes well for the job and make it there and back with no breakdowns.  That is exactly what happened and we came back buzzing from the journey and ready to go again. 

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